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The removable prosthesis may be designed to serve also as splint to support periodontally involved teeth. Metal-free treatment options available.

P R E M I U M   A N D   N O R T H E R M   D E N T U R E S

Our patients appreciate the superior craftsmanship of this very natural-looking esthetic denture. For patients allergic to monomer, prescribe Northern Dentures. This injected acrylic-free denture has no monomer and is non-allergic. Available in natural, pink and ethnic.

N O N - M E T A L   P A R T I A L   D E N T U R E S

Valplast flexible partials superior esthetics allow your patioents natural tissue tone to appear through the material, and match the basic shade categories ( medium pink, light pink and meharry).

Valplast provides a fully functional superior removable partial. Ideal for patients who prefer not to have a fixed restoration or implant, but still want an esthetic restoration.