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We provide all professional dental services for adults and children in one office. Here you will find:

A P O L L O   S E C R E T   W H I T E N I N G

Apollo secret is a non-laser treatment that whitens without little or no sensitivity and no ginigival protection is required. No more impressions, no more custom trays, just whiter teeth without the mess or sensitivity.
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C O S M E T I C   B O N D I N G

In our office we can replace old metal fillings or missing teeth that detract from your smile using composites.
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C R O W N   A N D   B R I D G E S

Natural looking and biocompatible metal-free treatment options. A full crown completely covers the anatomical crown of a tooth and restores it to it's original contour and function.
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P A R T I A L   D E N T U R E S

Preparation and placement of the appliance usually requires only a few patient visits. Because the appliance is removable, the patient may find it easier to maintain good oral hygiene.
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S U R G E R Y   A N D   I M P L A N T S

Surgical and non-surgical tooth extractions and gum treatments. Referrals to oral surgeon for implants.

R O O T   C A N A L   T H E R A P Y

The whole purpose of a root canal is to save your tooth. We offer root canal services in our office.

P R E V E N T I V E   D E N T I S T R Y

Healthy teeth require the consistent care of a dentist. Our staff is qualified to meet all of your dental needs.